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An Outline of the Book & CD

African Violets for Everyone - A Manual for Growers
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All facets of growing African violets are discussed in this book. While it deals almost entirely with African violets there is also one chapter that is devoted to the other Gesneriad plants.

Of the 90 pages, there are12 pages of photographs that carry 81 photographs in full colour, illustrating African violet plants and flowers, pests, diseases and problems in African violets and growing techniques.

The book includes the CD,  "African Violets for Everyone: an Illustrated Guide".

Contents List (The Book)
African Violets for Everyone

Chapter 1 African Violets! Why Would You Grow Them? 
Chapter 2 A Bit of Background—African Violet History 
Chapter 3 An Amazing Assortment
Chapter 4 The Colour Photographs
Chapter 5 The Plant Comfort Zone
Chapter 6 The Comfort Zone for Plant Roots
Chapter 7 Lighten Up
Chapter 8 Grooming and Hygiene for Plants
Chapter 9 Water, Water
Chapter 10 A Healthy Diet—Correct Nutrition for African Violets 
Chapter 11 A Little Bit of Magic—Cloning for African Violets
Chapter 12 Repotting and Cosmetic Surgery
Chapter 13 What Pots? Pretty Pots or Utility Containers
Chapter 14 Problems, Problems
Chapter 15 If the Worst Happens—Treating Problems
Chapter 16 What About the Relatives 
Chapter 17 Something Completely New—Hybridising for New Cultivars
Chapter 18 Extending Your Hobby—Exhibiting Your African Violets
Chapter 19 Is It Really True? African Violet Old Wives Tales
Chapter 20 Resources

Part of Chapter 11 is reproduced on the page Growing African Violets from Leaf.
Some of the photographs that are printed in the book are shown as thumbnails in a page in the Photo Galleries  . . .

African Violets for Everyone - An Illustrated Guide

The CD "African Violets for Everyone: An Illustrated Guide" that accompanies each book contains both a library of images and a presentation. 

The CD comes with the book, but is also available separately if wanted.

The Library of Images:
Includes all the images appearing in the book on pages 17 to 28 inclusive, plus many others. The images are .jpg files that can be accessed in some television/DVD player systems. They cal also be viewed by a computer with a CD drive. This becomes a good reference for the great range of colours and types among African violets

African Violets for Everyone: An Illustrated Guide

The Presentation:
There are more than 170 slides covering both appreciation of African violets and other Gesneriad plants and growing techniques.

The presentation also can be accessed in the CD drive of a computer. It should start without any further input from the user, but if not, navigate to the CD drive and double click on the file "pptview", then run the file "Africanviolets" from the resulting dialogue box.
There are five parts in the Presentation:

1: African violet plants and flowers
2: Growing African violets
3: The beauty of African violets - standards
4: The beauty of African violets - miniatures & trailers
5: Plants of the gesneriad family

African Violets for Everyone: the Presentation

Below are some screenshots from the presentation:

African Violets for Everyone: the Presentation
African Violets for Everyone: the Presentation
African Violets for Everyone: the Presentation
African Violets for Everyone: the Presentation
African Violets for Everyone: the Presentation
African Violets for Everyone: the Presentation

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